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New Light Centre of Holistic Health

497 Mulberry Street
Moreleta Park
Pretoria East

Telephone: 012 998 8410
Fax number: 086 605 0422
Mobile: 082 468 7798

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The stress of living in today’s environmentally complicated world can lead to many pressures upon the body systems. These stresses often result in a lowered immune system, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, low performance and emotional ups and downs.

What if there was a way that your body was able to repair itself at an accelerated rate? What if there was a way to regain peak mental and physical performance despite having felt tired or sick for years?

Well there is a way!

Utilise the healing benefits of the SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Energy System.

  • Every cell has a unique energy wave pattern and energy disturbances may indicate illness and the early onset of disease.
  • Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dysfunctions disturb energy pattern.
  • By measuring and evaluating these disturbances and by restoring healthy energy patterns, recovery from illness is facilitated and higher levels of wellness can be achieved.


















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